Friday, March 25, 2011


Post from Lisa Jf:

The baggie method. Anyone have any rave reviews? I just learned about this last week and have been doing the baggie method for three days now. Basically what you do is coat your ends in a leave in conditioner of your choice followed by an oil of your choice (coconut and castor oil seem to be the preferred oils). Then you take a plastic bag, shower cap, or saran wrap and wrap around your ends. I personally put my hair in two braids and coat the ends with the oil. then I take two shower caps and wrap each braid end in a cap. I secure the cap with a metal free elastic. My biggest issue is length retention. My hair grows just fine, but i have a hard time having it grow past my mid back. Apparently the baggie method is the length retention fix. I only do this at night. I tried to baggie my whole head the first night and woke up with a wet head full of sweat. Going forward I will only baggie my whole head the night before I wash and DC. During the week, i will baggie my ends each night. So far so good!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So Spring has sprung! This is the season that wraps up the Winter chill and sends us into the hot, blazing heat we call Summer.

 This is the perfect time to start transitioning if you ever thought about it. You can start thinking of transitional hair styles or think about doing the BC. Either way, it will be new beginnings. So many times we sit around and say we 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' time after time but never take any action....

Whether it's a mental journey or a physical journey for you, this is your time....Don't worry about what everyone say. Worry about what makes you happy. When I transitioned, it wasn't a real 'deep' experience for me.... Meaning I wasn't trying to 'find' myself. The hardest part for me was the first 6 months..battling with those two textures became very annoying. After 17-18 months of semi-torturing myself I said enough is enough, I want it all out...NOW!....The easiest part for me is...........((drawing a blank))........((crickets)), having natural hair isn't easier for me at all.....BUT, the BEST part about it is I can do what ever I want to it...and that includes scratching my scalp when ever I feel like it. HA!

One tip that I learned and I think it's important to share is that when you're transitioning, you should treat your hair as if you're already all natural. Most of us do the complete opposite and keep straightening out roots out to blend with the relaxed portion. NO, fluff out the relaxed portion to blend in with the roots.

This is not just about hair but about life.....what ever it is that you want to change...change! If you want to loose some weight, start working towards it. if you want to get a degree, get back in school. If you want to save more money, learn how to budget. If you want to better your business, get out and network get my point. Do what makes you feel good....If it's buying that new shade of lipstick, hot pair of shoes,  a whole make over, a new accessory, a new boo (lol), a new bottle of perfume, a book, a candle, a new bra and pantie set, or a new attitude, DO IT.....
Taking small steps is better than taking no steps at all....