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Naturopathy, Natural Solutions for Health Problems

People often forget the most natural way to live is the foundation of good health. Therefore, it is important that we return to the most basic ways the most traditional or to obtain a substance from food to get the natural benefits.

Usually, we must return to the natural functions of our body system to restore most perfect inside part of the body. Treatment or surgery is done to make the final choice. The best recovery is a natural way and the best doctor to restore all remained disease is you yourself.

Since medical treatment can not give healing, many patients who now seek alternative treatments, including naturopathy. This type of alternative therapy improves the immune system and restores the damaged system. Many people with autism, cancer, and heart choose to live a healing through this therapy.

If medical treatment is only focused on the disease course, naturopathy is done to fix a broken system because it does not work properly causing the disease. In addition, unlike medical treatment which continues to force the patient to take the medicine, naturopathy extraction uses natural materials.

System of the body of every person is different from one another, while the drug from doctors tends to be applied same for everyone. And the drug clearly can not improve our systems. As a result many people are addicted to drugs.

In naturopathic remedy, the patient does not take drugs that contain chemicals. As the name implies, a.k.a naturo, which means nature, all medical procedures done here are natural. Drugs used 100 percent derived from natural materials such as herbs; nutritional supplements can improve the system of the damaged body functions.

The selection of natural materials based on the evidence that in each of these plants contain receptors, chemical structure, the same hormone in humans. There was a study that proves that the leaves contain a substance similar to that of a human head. While the substance contained in the roots or branches of trees similar to that of the human hand and foot.

In naturopathy, if there is a damaged body part, the supplements provided will improve the wounds of the body known as homilists system. There are several procedures that must be through by patients, including aromatherapy, spa, detoxification, rejuvenation, lymph drainage massage is also aliases for the smooth flow of the massage nodes.

In treating patients with autism for example, naturopathic medicine is more done in a natural approach, rather than a clinical approach which gives chemical medicines.
If the general medical world of autism treatment more emphasizes on psychological, it doesn’t with naturopathy systems. In this type of treatment, they focus on improving the intestine and organ function associated with the food or the more popular in medical circles bio-nutrition intervention terms. Gastrointestinal tract is a second brain, a.k.a the second brain is the most decisive in human health.

In the gastrointestinal tract, there are about 500 colonies of bacteria, in which every colony there are germs 1,5-7,5 billion population. So the argument is clear enough why most diseases it comes from the digestive organs.

After a phase of detoxification, there will be recovery conducted, the body recovery from the effects of poison. Then performed rejuvenation, i.e. the regenerating cells synchronizes the formation of new cells and old cells.

Final stage of the treatment of autism is the revitalization; the patient's body restores normal conditions. Revitalization here can be done by giving your intake of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and the things that far from the chemical. There are so many patients with autism can be cured with naturopathic techniques. Other diseases also briefly addressed here is the cancer and heart disease.

In many developed countries, better known as naturopathic lifestyle medicine, where treatment is more emphasis on one's lifestyle, from diet, until the pattern of activity.

Indeed naturopathy treatment technique itself is not new in the world. This technique is the first time appeared before the birth of the medical world. It's just that when it comes to antibiotic treatment, largely human switch to it. But now after antibiotic drugs took effect is not good, returning humans to try treatment with a natural way.

Naturopathic treatment is re-spread after talidome case, the disruption due to content of pregnant women who consume a lot of chemical drugs. In medical circles, is classified in naturopathic medicine like acupuncture complimentary.

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Various Homeopathic Remedies for Acute Disease

Acute word derived from the Latin "Acutus". Means "sudden", the disease is sudden and brief and sustained severe. Acute disease has its own deadlines (self limiting), did not last long and if it's time it will heal itself. However, there are acute diseases are started with pneumonia, meningitis disease, or disease nephritis (nephritis) and considered in case of emergency or hazard that can lead to death.

Cough, cold, influenza, food poisoning and other childhood diseases like chicken pox are some examples of diseases that are classified as acute disease. If these diseases correctly and appropriately treated with homeopathy, it will undoubtedly there is quick recovery.
Some bidders used in homeopathy to treat acute diseases such as:

Abrotanum Mother Tinctures made from fresh roots and leaves. Abrotanum are wild plants with the high three-foot numerous in southern Europe. Abrotanum is very useful to manage disease, particularly members of the lower

Allium cepa
Mother tinctures made from Allium cepa onion. In the test, it causes nose symptoms and watery eyes, throat symptoms, and salesma. Allium cepa salesma is appropriate for patients in the cool and humid, fever, sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.

Aloe socotrina
Mother tinctures socotrina aloe in Indonesia we know as "aloe vera". This is very useful as antidote to overcome diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and accompanied by burning pain and itching but it was cool when exposed to water.

Apis Mellifica
Apis mellifica Mother tinctures made from bees that are still alive. The main symptoms of a bee sting to be the main symptom of this bid as swollen or puffy, stinging pain, pain, can not stand the heat and can not being touched a bit. Apis mellifica suited to treat a swollen body parts because of poisonous stung by animals, swollen eyelids with water. In treating mental or psychiatric apis mellifica can eliminate anxiety because of jealousy and ill-tempered nature, difficult to concentrate when studying

Mother tinctures made from arnika sunflower. In its test, a drug substance produces symptoms of injury, falls, blows, beat, and bruised. Arnika is widely used for cases of treachery, although injury was long, painful limbs like getting hit, vaginitis in women and impotence in men due to over-indulge sexual wishes, and so forth. In terms of psychological or psychiatric arnika efficacious can eliminate fears like fear being approached by others, fear of pain, fear of crowds, moody, restless, unable to bear the pain, never well since experienced the tragedy, and so forth.

Calendula is an antiseptic in homeopathy which can be used as a topical medicine primarily to help heal wounds, ulcers, and others. Calendula can also be mumbled to relieve pain due to injury and can eliminate. For the face, calendula useful to eliminate acne and whiten the face.

Chantaris (Spanish fly)
Mother tinctures made from chantaris surviving insects. There are many in the months of May and June in the central region and southern Europe and Southeast Asia. Chantaris is able to cure the symptoms of difficult urination, too frequent urination, bloody urine, genital gangrene equipment, cleaning fetus that have been dead, uri-uri (placenta) after childbirth or miscarriage.

Cocculus indicus
Mother tinctures cocculus seeds are taken from fruits that contain a powerful poison. It is type of short plants, solid mount to the top. These plants are common in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Cocculus indicus is very useful to overcome the nausea, especially for those who like a good drunk land vehicles, sea, or air.

Hyoscyamus Niger
Hyoscyamus Mother tinctures from fresh tree with a height of two feet two-year-old, yellow flowering between June to August, and growing in sandy soil. These plants are common in Europe, Asia, and America. Hyoscyamus Niger is very useful for the brain nerve.

Ipecacuancha Mother Tinctures made from dried roots. In its test, it causes symptoms persistent nausea. Ipecacuancha is suitable for eliminating nausea. As for psychological or psychiatric ipecacuancha can cure mental pressure, and cope with children who are fussy (like crying, screaming, not knowing what he wants).

Lachesis Muta
Mother Tinctures made from Lachesis snake species found in South America (Brazil). Its length is 7-meter, has red and gray colors and grouped black color on its back. The poison is taken, mixed with milk sugar which is triturationed. Similar to all Lachesis snake venom, Lach blood damage, making it more liquid, by which such a tendency to bleed much. The symptoms are caused pain in the left, then move to the right especially throat problems and ovaries. Lachesis is used as an antidote for women who are monopouse. Lachesis psychological problems can be used to treat diseases due to breakup.

Opium (Poppy)
Mother tinctures of opium are made from latex picture taken from the poppy capsules which are not yet ripe. It is found in India, Turkey, some countries in Asia and Europe. Opium is used for symptoms such as loss of the nervous system, haggard and was unconscious, no pain, general weakness and lack of energy is the body's reaction. Opium can be used also for constipation, has hard stools.

Ruta gravolens
Ruta gravolens Mother tinctures from fresh tree with 2 feet tall, yellow flowers from June to September. The plant is located in West Asia, southern Europe, also grown in India and the United States. Ruta Gravolens is very useful for bone and eye problems.

Mother tinctures made from sponge spongia. Sponge is a kind of animal that grew up on a rock and hard objects in the water. The best types are mostly in the Mediterranean Sea close to Syria and Greece, in the Pacific Ocean and Turkey. Sponge is diced and roasted nut so that the colored cook (brown). Spongia is very useful for heart problems and coughing.

Mother stramonium tinctures made from fresh trees when the flowering and fruiting. Funneling white flowers, three-foot tall trees, flowers appear in July to October. Easy to grow, mostly found in Asia, America and India. Stramonium is useful for problems rooted in the brain nerve disorders such as Parkinson's, epilepsy.

Veratrum Album
Veratrum album Mother tinctures made from dried roots of the subject. This tree is more than five feet tall, the flowers have white or yellow color, appear from June to August. This plant grows in much of Europe, Russia, China and Japan. Veratrum album is beneficial to overcome cholera.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy comes from the Greek language, ancient Greek, "Homeos" which means similar and "pathos" meaning disease. Homeopathy is a healing art based on the equation of law with the aim of providing healing truth

Principles Homeopathy

The basic principle of homeopathy is "Similia Similibus Curentur" which means similar things healing. This means that homeopathy works with the principle that the disease can be cured by the same materials that may have caused the disease, with potentitation way. To be more clearly it is described as follows:

"Similar thing curing similar thing" means that the material used to heal the sick is a material which has been potentitated. The drug which is offered to a healthy person will cause symptoms similar to the existing symptoms of the sick. As example, Allium cepa (red onion), if we slice, he will cause red eyes and runny nose. Thus, it can be concluded that onion is an appropriate medication for people experiencing symptoms of red eyes and runny nose. Another example we can take of durian fruit. If we eat too much durian fruit, the body will heat, and to remove the heat, we drink water from the durian skin.

Knowing Homeopathy as Medicine

Ingredients of the Drugs

Most homeopathic medicines derived from natural substances; derived from plants, minerals or animals. Homeopathic medicines is safe to be consumed, having no side effects, does not contain toxic or chemicals substances.

Drug Forms
Drug available in liquid form, granules, and tablets

Manufacturing process
Starting from cutting the basic ingredients of plants and animals, and the grinding of mineral raw materials (reduced size). Then the materials are soaked in alcohol 90%, then beaten, whipped and sealed tight. Then the solution was aged for 2 - 4 weeks, and then filtered into the bottle. This solution is called "Mother tinctures", i.e. called the original drug, abbreviated to Q. Each homeopathic medicine must be potentitated so that chemical or toxins contained is lost, left only the power of medicine to cure the disease. Q can be made with high or low potential.

Potential drug is made by mixing the original with the media drugs, namely alcohol or aquades. Dilutions in homeopathy using decimal size (1:10), centimal (1:100). 1:10 means one part of the drug substance is diluted with nine parts of medium medication, so that the more dilute the medicine-the higher the dilution and shaking process, making healing properties increased.

Drugs work principle
Homeopathic medicines in cooperation with the immune system and defend itself from disease attack. This means that homeopathy can stimulate increased immune response to infection, promote healing, and prevent complications without side effects. Homeopathic medicines can care us as a whole, whether physical, emotional, and mental.

Advantages of Homeopathy
Homeopathic treatment can be considered as a solution to many health problems just because homeopathy has several advantages including:
In homeopathy, no complaints, can be cured instantly, without having to have the results of laboratory tests

In homeopathy, the medicine given is made from natural ingredients so there is no side effects. Unlike the chemical drugs which are not free from side effects. Homeopathic medications try to heal in the true sense of the word (the patient completely recovered), so there is no need for drug dependence. Homeopathic medicine works to eliminate the cause of the disease, not eliminate the effect of the disease.

Homeopathy medicine can eliminate the symptoms whether physicayl or psychologically.
Homeopathic medicines are safe for all levels of society, ranging from pregnant women, infants, adults, and seniors.

Homeopathic medicines consumed pleasantly that it tastes good and sweet, and very popular to children. Homeopathic medicines is not tested to animals (rabbits and rats) as experimental material, but directly tested to humans. Therefore, homeopathy is certainly appropriate to be given to humans. Later on the next article, it will be given sources of hemophaty medicine available on the nature. These natural tips are given just for your health.

The Facts of Colostrum

Breastfeeding in the first days after the baby is born is not available a lot. There is yellowish liquid instead, but don’t get it wrong, this creamy fluid is rich of immune substances.

"As soon after giving birth, I wanted to breastfeed my baby but why not the milk that came out, but yellowish liquid? Why is it not much? When will it be enough? ".

Those sentences are often spoken by mothers who have just given birth, especially new mothers who gave birth to her first child. Surely this will not happen if the mother knows how important of these fluids.

Patron Baby
Breastmilk is a liquid secreted (released) by the Mammary gland. Human milk contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals with different composition content from time to time.

Breastmilk which is issued the first time is known as colostrum. Colostrum was issued during the first few days after a mother giving birth, contains the necessary nutrients for your baby growth, development, and protection from infectious diseases.

The energy contained in 100 ml of colostrum is 67 calories. In the first 3 days, the volume varies between 2-20 ml each time out. Colostrum of a woman who had breast-feeded a baby before, is rapidly produced.

Gynecology and the benefits of colostrum
Composition of the colostrum content of mature breast milk (milk that was issued after a routine infant feeding) is different.
Colostrum contains more protein. High protein content is very rich of immunoglobulin which is necessary for the body's defense against infection, especially A immunoglobulin.

Colostrum facilitates the existence of Lactobacillus bifidus in the gastrointestinal tract, which plays a role in providing protection against intestinal infection.

Colostrum contains antioxidants which the body needs to overcome the inflammatory reaction that occurs as the body's response to an infection.

Colostrum facilitates meconium expenditure, ie newborn feces.

Rich Vitamin
Vitamins and minerals in colostrum are necessary for body metabolism. Vitamin A in mature breast milk is only one third as compared with the average content of vitamin A in colostrum on day 3 after birth.

B carotene content of which causes a yellowish colostrum, as much as 10 times compared with the mature breast milk.

Vitamin E levels in colostrum have 2-3 times higher than mature breast milk, so are the minerals sodium, chloride, and magnesium.

With the contents of colostrum which is so great, are you still going to throw it away?


By Dr. Willie T. Ong 

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Just look at the facts: The brain contains 74% water, blood contains 83% water, lean muscle has 75% and bone has 22% water. Experts agree that water is one of the most powerful forms of treatment. So how come most people don't drink enough water? 

10 Health Benefits of Water: 

  1. Water prevents kidney stones. The most common cause of kidney stones is not drinking enough water. Since water dissolves the substances that form stones in the urine, drinking 12 glasses daily helps treat kidney stones. 

  2. Water treats urinary tract infection. The more water you drink, the more you will urinate. "Drinking lots of water will help flush out harmful bacteria from your bladder," says Medical City kidney specialist Dr. Roberto Tanchanco.

 3. Water helps patients with diarrhea by preventing dehydration. As a first-aid for diarrhea, you can make your own oral rehydration solution at home. Mix a glass of water with 2 teaspoons sugar and ¼ teaspoon salt, and drink as much as you can tolerate. This is similar to the dextrose solution in the hospital.

 4. Water helps reduce fever. For symptoms of flu, water can help lower your body temperature when you urinate the "heat" out of your body. If you're sick, drink more water for you to recover faster.


5. Water helps treat cough and colds, sore throat, and respiratory infections. Water helps loosen sticky phlegm. A respected lung specialist told me that some mucolytics out there are just as beneficial as drinking lots of water.

 6. Water reduces heartburn. Taking 2-3 gulps of water every 20 minutes or so can help flush the stomach acid away. Bananas and water are effective alternatives to taking antacids. Try it.

 7. Water prevents constipation and its complications. Too little water can harden the stools and lead to hemorrhoids and diverticulosis, a disease of the large bowel. Drink water and eat lots of vegetables to soften your stools.

 8. Water keeps you alert and energetic. If you're dehydrated, your blood is literally thicker. This makes it harder for the blood to circulate. As a result, the brain can become less active and you can feel confused and fatigued. Some studies also show that water may help cure migraine headaches.

 9. Water helps reduce weight. By drinking a glass or two of water before a meal, you will lessen the amount of food you can take in order to feel full. Water has zero calories and will not make you fat.

 10. Water keeps your skin soft and radiant. Just as a dehydrated person will have deep-set eyes and wrinkled skin, so will a fully hydrated person exhibit a normal and beautiful skin tone.

 The Proper Way To Drink Water:

 1. Drink water when you wake up. Your body loses water while you sleep, so drink a glass before you go to sleep, and another glass when you wake up. You are naturally thirsty or dehydrated in the morning. Drinking water in the morning helps flush out the toxins that have accumulated all night.

 2. Drink 8 to 12 glasses a day. According to the Mayo Clinic, a 120-pound individual needs 8 cups of water a day, while a 190-pound person would require 12 cups daily. Dr. Robert Tanchanco says that we should monitor our urine color and keep it on the light side. However, drink only a maximum of 16 glasses a day, and not more.

 3. Drink little by little throughout the day. It is preferable to sip water throughout the day rather than to drink two glasses all at once. This will lessen the stress on the heart (especially if you have heart disease) and give your body more time to absorb it.

 4. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water. By the time you feel thirsty, you're probably already 2 glasses below your normal water needs. Elderly people are also less sensitive to the body's need for water.

 5. Drink water, not soft drinks, alcohol or coffee. Some experts believe that tea, sodas and coffee can be potentially dehydrating. Moreover, the high phosphorus and sugar content in cola drinks can lead to conditions like osteoporosis and diabetes. One study shows that adults who drank six cups of coffee daily experienced mild dehydration. Drinking alcohol is much worse because it actually dehydrates you by making you urinate a lot.

 6. Train children to drink water. Set a good example to your kids and drink water together. Make sure that children drink enough water when they're active. Pack a large bottled water in their lunch box.

 7. Drink more when it's hot. People living in hot climates like the Philippines need to drink more water. They are more prone to develop kidney stones compared to those living in cooler regions.

 8. Drink more as you exercise. When you exercise, you need to drink more water to compensate for fluid loss. Go for an extra 500 ml of water for a 30-minute to 1-hour exercise. Eating a banana also helps keep your potassium up.

 9. Drink more when you're sick. Even though you don't feel like it, you really need to drink more water to help your body recover from various infections. If you're dehydrated, you'll feel much worse.

 10. Drink more if you're pregnant. Women who are expecting or breast-feeding need additional fluids to stay hydrated. The Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women drink 10 cups of fluids daily and women who breast-feed take in about 13 cups of fluids a day.

Sea Cucumber Curing Several Diseases

Sea Cucumber can be used to treat diabetes, heart disease and other serious diseases

Yes, animals which are known in as Sea Pickles is also good to be eaten but it surprisingly turned out to have remarkable benefits for health.

Research conducted at several universities in Malaysia for several years indicate that sea cucumbers can circulate blood well, launch kidney function, increas levels of metabolism, cure joint pain, antiseptic wound, diabetes, hypertension, prevent clogging cholesterol in the blood vessels, digestive disorders , breathing problems, anemia and even can be used to treat heart disease.

The use of sea cucumbers as traditional antiseptics and versatile drug for various diseases has been known since 500 years ago by the community Langkawi island, Malaysia. Cucumbers are usually drunk with water by mothers who give birth out to stop the bleeding, or also to accelerate the wound healing process of their children who are out of circumcision.

Based on the research of scientists, sea cucumbers are considered to have the content of Cell Growth Factor. Therefore, it is able to stimulate regeneration of cells and tissue that has been damaged, decayed and even sick, so it can be back to normal, for example in the case of diabetes mellitus. In addition of drinking sea cucumbers, it can also be applied to the wounds that had rotted, and even that was almost amputated. This indicates that the existing content in cucumber able to work well so the injury can recover quickly. High protein content in cucumber which reaches 86% is good to be given to diabetics. High protein plays regenerate pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin. The result is increasing insulin production.

About its benefit to cure heart disease presented by researchers, it is claimed that docosahexanat acids (DHA) of the sea cucumber can lower blood triglyceride levels cause heart disease. This has been evidenced when examining fatty acids stichopus chloronotus of sea cucumber, sea cucumber has DHA content which is relatively high, i.e. 3.69%.

Furthermore, sea cucumbers can improve immunity, reduce pain and itching on the skin surface, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, knocked out toxins in the liver, lowering blood pressure , maintain blood circulation, heal ulcers, and cure chronic asthma. In addition, sea cucumbers can also be used for beauty treatments and materials of wound healing for mothers after childbirth, because of its protein and high collagen.

Cucumbers that we deem mediocre and uninteresting indeed have tremendous benefits for human health. Therefore, from now on do not be afraid to see its looks and do not hesitate to eat it even though according to several people it is not listed as delicious foods. So, good luck with getting healthy and keep the spirit .

Knowing Anti Cancer Plants

There are around 460 species of plants that can be used as herb for remedy, including plant healer various types of cancer.

Various types of anti-cancer plant are Zedoary (Curcuma zedoaria), Rodent Tuber (Typhonium flagelliforme), God’s Crown (Phaleria macrocarpa), Madagaskar Periwinkle (Catharanthus rosens), Artocarpus Integer (Selaginella corymbosa), Bamboo Grass (Loathatreum Gràcies) , handsome (Taraxacum mongolicum), fruit makasar (Brucca javanica), Garlic (Allium sativum), Echo China (Smilax china), Sunflower (Helianthus annus), Leunca (Solanum nigrum), Job’s Tears (Coix Lachryma-Jobi), Bamboo Rope (Asparagus cochinchinensis), and others.

So far, people still often have the wrong perception in assessing properties of tradisioanal plants. Among users of traditional crops which compassion is considered to consume traditional medicine, the patients will get recovery as well as the effect of modern drugs. In fact, the nature of traditional medicine is slowly improving the body's cells which are damaged (including cancer), which in time that cells can function normally again. Or in other words, the disease can be cured, but slowly. Therefore, users of traditional medicine should be patient.
Also keep in mind that there is also the proper dose of taking traditional medicine. If the dose is too small, the disease will be a long recovery, on the other hand, if too large, may harm the body. There are also medicinal plants that are poisonous, so there are plants that can only be consumed only thecertain parts (e.g. only the leaves, or roots or stems only). There are also plants that all the parts of them must be boiled. For that, they are still needed to be learnt.

For example, to reduce the growth of cancer cells, Zedoary dose containing curcumin and Ribosome in activating Proteiu are as follows:
Take 20 grams of zedoary and then washed with boiled water until 600cc left 300cc, then filtered and drunk the water.

While rodent tuber can clean the blood, the dose:
50 grams of fresh rodent tuber, then add 2 tablespoons of boiled water. Squeeze and strain, then drink the water 3 times a day. To remove an itch in the throat, can add honey for better taste.
Those are few examples of traditional plants that efficacious in curing cancer.

Chlorophyll, Benefits for Your Health

Chlorophyll certainly is not a new word for you. You also must have known some of the health benefits of chlorophyll. Over the years, natural science and scientific research have revealed many health benefits of chlorophyll. What is chlorophyll? What makes it so special and what benefits you can get from chlorophyll? Here's the description for you.

What is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll or commonly known as leaf chlorophyll, the same as the name suggests, it is the contained substances that causes the green color in plants. What is the function? It will absorb energy from the sun to facilitate the process of photosynthesis in plants. Chlorophyll is the same as in human blood. This substance has a very important role in metabolic functions such as for growth and respiration of plants.

Even more interesting, the chemical composition of chlorophyll is almost equal to the composition of human blood. The difference, the central atom of chlorophyll is magnesium and the central atom of human is iron.
This, added with the importance of chlorophyll in plant metabolic processes, attract scientists to find out whether the possibility of chlorophyll can bring the same benefits to humans. The result, many studies have found benefits of chlorophyll for human health.

Chlorophyll for health benefits

Chlorophyll contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and substances which can heal wounds. Gynecology is beneficial to health. Here are some other benefits of chlorophyll:

  • Chlorophyll helps tissue growth and repair.
  • Chlorophyll helps neutralize the pollution we breathe and that we get through food intake. Thus, chlorophyll is a very good supplement for smokers.
  • Chlorophyll efficiently releases magnesium and helps the blood to carry oxygen to all the cells needed in the body tissues.
  • Chlorophyll is also proven can assimilate the calcium and minerals, or other heavy minerals.
  • Chlorophyll also has potential to stimulate of red blood cells to provide oxygen supply.
  • Along with other vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and E, chlorophyll is proven to help neutralizing free radicals that damage the health of cells.
  • Chlorophyll also serves as a deodorant in reducing bad breath, urine, the remaining disposal, as well as body odor.
  • Chlorophyll also reduces the ability of carcinogenic substances to attach themselves to the DNA in the major organs of the body.
  • Chlorophyll is useful in overcoming disorders due to calcium oxalate stone formation.
  • Chlorophyll can also be used to overcome the natural wound infection.
  • Chlorophyll also contains substances such as anti-mutation and anti-carcinogen which serve to protect the body against toxins and reduce drug side effects.

Source of chlorophyll

Source of chlorophyll is obviously the green vegetables. However, it is better to be eaten in raw state, because heating process while cooking will destroy nearly all the chlorophyll content. Or, it could also increase the intake of chlorophyll by using supplements. Chlorophyll is available a lot in extract form, liquid or tablets. Whether it is liquid or tablets, chlorophyll will increase the body's immune system, strengthen the tissues and organs, and improve general health.

Using Good Supplements

Supplements have become the part of modern lifestyle. To get the maximum benefit, the followings are the tips:

Ensure the supplement in line with the physical objectives which is intended to be achieved, for example:

  • o fat-burning supplements to reduce body fat levels, not to form muscle.
  • o fish oil supplements omega-3 to maintain healthy blood vessels, not to be used as an appetite enhancer.
  • Select the dose which suits your needs. Higher product doses do not mean you get more. More is not always better. Better is better.
  • Make food supplements as an addition to the fulfillment of nutrition, not as a main dish.
  • Do not use supplements as a reason for fostering bad habits, for example: This is not right to use:
  • o Antioxidant supplements as an excuse to smoke more or maintaining the smoking habit.
  • o fat-burning supplements as an excuse to eat carelessly and lazy to exercise.
  • o Supplements enhancer weight as an excuse for not eating.
  • Choose a brand that already has a clear reputation, and is produced by a good producer. Get references from people or health professionals that you trust.
  • Check the date expired, the warning, nutritional information, and the seal on the packaging. Make sure everything is there and you have to understand before you buy.

15 Steps for Weight Loss

Weight problem is a very complicated problem and often questioned by patients who are currently overweight. Being overweight is a nightmare for some people, especially for those who are concerned appearance. Obesity will also deplete someone's self confidence that will affect hos or her career. Here are 15 steps that can be followed to control weight:

1. "I can do it!" Instill four words in mind as the first step. Although facing many temptations which come, always remember that you should be able to lose weight, and then you have to be on the right track. Find someone who have lost weight as your motivator for eliminating any temptations.

2. Breakfast is a must do. Do not ever leave the house in the morning without touching anything to have breakfast because it will give you enough energy for all day activities. No need for having breakfast too much, take enough bananas, yogurt, cereal, bread, etc. for snacks that contain plenty of fiber and protein which will give you a sense of full until lunch time.

3. Take a moment to read the nutritional content in food packaging. Notice the calories of the food because it is has big role in increasing your weight when you consume it excessively. Customize your energy needs or your calories in a day with a note that stated in the container.

4. Do not do diet. For the short term, it would make you lose weight, but if you stop the diet your weight will increase again. Eating strange foods for your diet or reduce some types of food would not make your weight decrease. The important thing to do is choose a balanced diet according to nutritional value of your body need, so that the calories taken will be utilized optimally.

5. Always eat regularly. Our body will decrease metabolism when we are hungry, this is certainly not good for weight-loss process. To avoid these two, make a daily eating schedule and you can do it habitually. Make sure your eating schedule is at least 3 times a day.

6. Increase fiber consumption. Fiber is very important to keep the body healthy. Fibers have functions to help lowering cholesterol and facilitating to deplenish the digestive tract. Fiber can also accelerate sense of full thus naturally reducing unuseful portion of food. Most of the fibers have a high water content and low calorie that fit with what we need to lose weight.

7. Healthy food has always been the main choice. Choose foods that contain less saturated fat. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Choose a vegetable oil as a source of fat because they contain unsaturated fats in the high portion. Eat foods which contain lots of Omega 3 such as fish.

8. Sports. Customize your sport you choose with your body condition. One healthy sport, inexpensive and can be done by everyone is walking. Walk at least 5 miles a day. Always try to increase the distance you walk. Remember, exercise not only losing your weight but also making your body be more healthy.

9. Dispose of snacking habits at night. Snacking at night will destroy your efforts to lose weight because the calories you eat after dinner will be buried in the body. Brushing your teeth after dinner helped you to reduce the desire to snack.

10. Expand protein consumption. Eat foods that contain large amounts of protein will make your belly full in a few hours, thereby reducing your need for food containing high calories.

11. Discard bad habits that make your weight increasing and replace them with healthier habits. For example replace the sugar you use to make coffee with low-calorie sugar, avoid eating fried foods and more.

12. Make the people around you as your motivator. They will help you to give encouragement when someday you experience boredom with weight-loss program you are doing.

13. Write down any developments that happen to you as long as you follow a weight-loss program. If it is needed, compare your achievements and the achievement of your friends who do similar programs. This is also a motivator in achieving your goal to lose weight.

14. Drink enough. Some nutritionists say that drinking enough then you will avoid excessive eating. It is advisable to drink water 6 to 8 glasses a day.

15. Do you want to lose weight and make the body healthy? For it, never turn away from your real goal that is losing weight. Remember always motivate youself so that the goals can be reached.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Depression linked to vitamin deficit on the rise in city

Mumbai: If you thought depression was only about the mind, think again. Many a time, the genesis of the world's most common mental illness lies in your food plate, say doctors. 

    They call it the vitamin theory of depression: skip taking vitamin B12 and increase your risk of depression, or so goes the new psychiatric advice on the occasion of the World Mental Health Week, which ends on October 10. 
    Studies in medical journals have already linked low levels of vitamin B12 to depression. "The link is known, but not widely recognised,'' says city psychiatrist Harish Shetty. But a dose of vitamin B12 supplements or injectables can brighten up the lives of those with the blues. 

Know Your B12 
Vitamin B12 is a member of the vitamin B complex. It contains cobalt, and so is also known as cobalamin 
It is necessary for the synthesis of red blood cells, the maintenance of the nervous system, and growth and development in children 
Its deficiency can cause anaemia. Vitamin B12 neuropathy, involving the degeneration of nerve fibres and irreversible neurological damage, can also occur 
Meat, liver, eggs, shrimps, and dairy products like cheese are valuable sources of this vitamin 
For vegetarians, it is best to increase their intake of milk or take vitamin B12 in a tablet form as a supplement. Fortified breakfast cereals are particularly good source. Soya milk is another source 
Poor eating habits aiding depression 
Mumbai: Doctors are particularly worried about the growing numbers of people who are afflicted by depression that is linked to vitamin B12 deficiency. Says Harish Shetty, consulting psychiatrist with Hiranandani Hospital in Powai, "There is a sudden increase in the number of kids and adults with B12 deficiency reporting mood swings and learning issues.'' 
    They come to him with reports of falling grades, crying spells, sadness, anger and suicidal intent. As a matter of routine, they are put through blood tests, including an assessment of B12 levels. "Very often, those with depression have a deficiency of vitamin B12,'' he adds. One can blame this growing trend either on poor dietary habits in urban centres—the culture of fast food and high-calorie drinks. 
    What isn't yet established beyond doubt is whether is it low levels of B12 that leads to depression or vice-versa? "We need focused studies to establish this,'' says endocrinologist S Joshi, who consults at Lilavati Hospital. 
    The experience of Jatin Mehta (name changed) underlines the vitamin theory of depression. Seven years ago, the then 15-year-old Jatin's doctor parents took him to neurologists to understand why their son was listless, both at school and at home. "After nearly two years of running around, a doctor told us to check the B12 levels, and sure enough they were low. Within two weeks of taking my first vitamin B12 shot, I started feeling better,'' says Jatin. 
    Now his parents are amazed that their boy, who battled dyslexia and depression as a highschooler, is now on the verge of completing his Masters degree in medicine. As a resident doctor, his working day stretches to over 19 hours, managing scores of patients as well as his own studies. But as every quarter draws to a close, Jatin feels his interest levels flagging and a sense of helplessness taking over. "I then know that it is time for the B12 shots that I take once every three months,'' says Jatin. 
    Joshi points out that Indians, as a rule, are deficient in Vitamin B12. "It is mainly vegetarians whose diet is deficient in the vitamin. Its deficiency affects neurological function,'' he says. It is only in the last few years that doctors are exploring the nutritional angle to depression which roughly affects 5% of the
population. "It is well known that anaemic persons can get depressed. But there is new research to show that people with vitamin and folate deficiency could get depressed. Nutritional deficiencies affect not only the poor but even the upper class,'' says Shetty. 
    Incidentally, the American Journal of Psychiatry (2007 issue) propagates the homocysteine hypothesis of depression. Homocysteine is an amino acid whose high levels suggest heart disease. However, homocysteine levels get high because there is a deficiency of vitamin B12 and folate in the body to process this amino acid. "Homecysteine causes heart disease, which causes depression,'' says the authors of the homocysteine hypothesis of depression, adding that the theory needs further validation. 
    What is the way to battle this deficiency? In their book, Stop Depression Now, Columbia University psychiatrist Richard Brown and Baylor University neuropharmacologist Teodoro Bottiglieri had suggested that that all psychiatric patients should take a daily 
megadose of 1 mg of oral vitamin B12. For those who cannot absorb vitamin B12 directly, doctors recommend injections. 
Signs, symptoms and health problems associated with vitamin B12 deficiency 
    Anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite and weight loss 
Deficiency also can lead to neurological changes such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet 
Additional symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are 
difficulty in maintaining balance, depression, confusion, dementia, poor memory and soreness of the mouth or tongue 
Depression is a serious illness that should be distinguished from the feeling of sadness that one feels after, say, the loss of a relative or friend 

It is a result of a combination of genetic, biochemical, environmental and psychological factors 
Symptoms (At least 5 of these symptoms for at least 2 weeks) Feeling sad or empty Decreased interest or pleasure in activities Appetite change with weight loss/gain Decreased or increased sleeping Fatigue or loss of energy Feeling worthless or guilty Being either agitated or slowed down Difficulty in thinking or concentrating Recurrent thoughts of death/suicide 
In children A child with depression may pretend to be sick, refuse to go to school, cling to a parent, or worry that a parent may die Older children may sulk, get into trouble at school, be negative and irritable, and feel misunderstood

Flossing first: Better dental hygiene improves heart health

Although very few of us count flossing as an essential part of an after-meal or once-a-day routine, it's importance cannot be stressed enough. Even more surprising is the fact that hardly anyone is aware of the necessity of flossing. Some are rather incorrectly inclined to believe that regular brushing is enough to keep their tooth healthy. To illustrate this importance, a study was carried out 51 twins on the importance of flossing which published in American journal of periodontology a few years ago. One of them was instructed to just brush and the other to brush and floss. Their dental health was examined before and after the study. The results showed the group that flossed had 38 per cent fewer bleeding gum sites than before the intervention and overall gum bleeding improved by an average of 42 per cent. 

Some flossing facts 
Brushing sans flossing is comparable to cleaning only 65 per cent of your body leaving the 35 per cent dirty which simply means you are not completely clean. 
    Flossing removes the tiny trapped food particles and also the plaque trapped between the teeth which a tooth brush cannot reach. 
It also prevents the formation of calculus or tartar which if formed can only be removed by your dentist. 
    Recent studies have indicated flossing reduces the risk of heart attack. Hard to believe? Well, this is attributed to the close relation between gum disease and heart attack. The gum disease is prevented by regular flossing which decreases the risk for heart attack.

Floss your way to a sunshine smile!