Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy Friday,
      So, if you haven't noticed by now, I get REALLY  bored with my hair REALLY fast. I've changed my hair to 3 different colors since the blog started, a few different hair styles, tried several products, and the list goes one.....So what I want to try to do is maybe try some hair accessories to accentuate my hair instead of actually doing something different to my hair.
     I'm almost 1 week in with my twist out and I'm still trying to stick with my NY's resolution of not adding heat to my hair (this is gonna get hard). I been very obedient to my hair- henna, deep conditioning with heat (which you couldn't have paid me to do before), etc....So hopefully in the long run I'll see some healthy results.
     I went online to find some accessories and here is what's the latest is hair fashion. Check it out:
P.S. Some of them I have no comment

Ponytail holder w/ crystals

color bands

Head scarf

Head band

Head band

Head band

Elastic head band

Flower head band

Hair bun attachment

hair clip

Ummm, thats HOTT!

very popular head bands for 2011

Vinatge peice

Anchor head peice
Used to make buns

So we've seen head bands, scarves, pins, ponytail holders, bands, clips, and hair attachments,....What are you doing to your hair to assessorize it??? Holla at me.

 Chan, PJ-1

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hi All,
 So I know I'm a little late with the results of the 30 day test of the Hairfinity pills but here they are. Now as I stated before in a previous post, I had my hair trimmed in the process. So the results are a little off. Over all, it looks like my hair is about the same length after 1 month (including the trim), which mean it did grow about 1in, which is about how much was cut off. The before pics are the ones that I'm wearing the yellow sweater (taken December 2), and the after pics are the ones with the white sweater (taken January 8)

I plan on taking the Hairfinity pills for another month...That should get my hair to its original length before I went natural.

hairfinity before and after photos

hairfinity before and after photos
Dec. 2, 2010

hairfinity before and after photos
Dec. 2, 2010

hairfinity before and after photos
Jan 8, 2011

hairfinity before and after photos
Jan 8,2011