Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Years,
 So I finally tried henna! I'm definitely not a big fan of the process but I did like the results. My goal was to treat my hair as well as to darken all one color to match my natural hair color which is probably a 1B (natural black). So let me give you a run down of what I did:
- Sunday around 12pm I mix a half pack of henna with green tea to the consistency of yogurt.
- I let it sit for 11 hours...(direction said to let sit for 12 hours or over night but I was getting sleep :-))
- Around 10:30 I washed my hair and I mixed up the indigo powder (2 packs) with 2 teaspoons of salt and water...
- Once that was thoroughly mixed, I mixed the henna and indigo together...and mixed some more....and a little more... (The purpose of this was to lighten up the indigo just a little...enough to eliminate the 'blueish/greenish' tent from the indigo)
- I then sectioned my hair in four and started applying the henna and indigo mixed from the back to the front . (If you ever try this be sure to lay down some newspaper and wear an old top that you don't mind messing up)...Man, by the end of applying the 'green mash potatoes' I had a mess on the floor.
- I gathered all of my hair up to the center of my head and began wrapping it with plastic wrap. I put a scarf on, covered my pillow with a towel and went to sleep.
- When I woke up this morning I uncovered my hair and began rinsing this stuff out....I then shampooed my hair and then conditioned to detangle.
- I then applied a deep treatment conditioner and sat under the dryer for 20 mins with a plastic cap.
- After that I rinsed the conditioner out, blow dried my hair, and flat ironed it.

Now I know I totally went against what I said I was trying to do for the new year but I have to take the 'after' picture for the result of the Hairfinity pills (which I totally screwed up b/c my hair was trimmed in the process).

So my result weren't what I expected but I'm not complaining. It's still not one color but its darker than what I started out with. I think in order to get black hair period, I'd have to do the indigo by itself. Over all, I like the results of the henna. My hair was soft and somewhat of a natural shine...I'm not sure if it loosened my natural curl but I guess time will tell if I keep doing it.

So here are the results! The only product in my hair is Profectiv moisturizer (which was applied right before I flat ironed my hair)


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