Monday, November 9, 2009

Prevent & Cure Arthritis through 12 Natural Ways

Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more of the joints of the body. It is usually followed by pain and stiffness especially in the morning or after exercise. In addition to pain and stiffness, the symptoms can be also swollen, altered bone formation and / or reduced the scope of the motion or limitation of motion, so that certain parts of the body can no longer function properly.

Inflammation of joints also makes noise when moved. The term arthritis literally means "inflammation of the joints". In certain conditions arthritis can affect other body parts - such as muscle, bone and organ in the body - and can lead to decreased function of the body and sometimes there can be life-threatening complications.

This arthritis can be divided into 3 groups of rheumatic arthritis that usually attack the finger joints, wrists, knees and toes. However, that does not mean that the other joints throughout the body completely free from attacks.

The second is the osteoarthritis that can attack any joint but usually occurs in the waist, knees, legs and spine. Next is gout which often attack the lower limbs and is usually the main target of the toes. The pain of arthritis can be so severe that touched socks or bed sheets can be unbearable pain.

For the prevention and cure arthritis, natural ways are the best:

1. Control your food consumption

Avoid red meat, organ meats, saturated fats, milk & milk products, caffeine, salt, white sugar, white flour (all foods made from it), all junk food and cigarettes. Avoid tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant & peppers that contain solanine because it would trigger a reaction in some people with arthritis.

You are better consuming foods which are alkaline, vegetables 50-60%, and raw fruits (vegetarian diet). Eat more foods contain sulfur such as asparagus, garlic and onions. iT is because sulfur is needed to repair and rebuild bone, and its cartilage network. Sulfur also helps the absorption of calcium.

Pineapple, frequently eat pineapple. Because of the bromelain enzyme in pineapple is very good for reducing inflammation. To be effective, the pineapple should be fresh rather than frozen or canned. Consume of rice and broken skin foods that contain fiber.
Avoid consumption of iron substance supplements because iron is expected to aggravate the pain, swelling and damage.
2. Prevent and resolve arthritis with cod liver oil

Research has shown, taking cod liver oil in small quantities every day lowered the potential damage to the cartilage, which is one of the main symptoms of osteoarthritis. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids contained in oil can help reduce pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Therefore, it is very profitable if you can consume 1-2 teaspoons of cod liver oil in your life everyday.

3. Prevent pain with ice

Joints will be painful if they are used in excess. To prevent this, compress the joints with bag of ice for 15-20 minutes. Then lift the ice and can be repeated again after 10-15 minutes.

4. Natural treatment of arthritis with Epsom salt

Epsom salts, or also known as magnesium salt, surely you have already known, is very important for bone growth and regulates body pH levels. Lack of magnesium will decrease the body's ability to absorb and use calcium and phosphorus, 2 base mineral for bone development.

The following natural treatments can be used to reduce the symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis. But do not forget, if you suffer from heart or kidney disease, consult your doctor first before trying this treatment. Excess magnesium can trigger diarrhea, dizziness, cramps, muscle weakness, and abnormal heart.

Combine 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt into a liter of warm water 0:56. Drink 1 teaspoon of it in the morning and 1 teaspoon at night.
Add 3 cups of Epsom salts into the tub to warm water and bath in it. Magnesium in the salt will be absorbed by the body and relaxes your joints and muscles which are stiff.

5. Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice is proven significantly reduce pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. You can use the carrot juice, celery juice, cabbage juice, or tomato juice.

6. Natural treatments with cinnamon

Studies have shown, cinnamon is an effective natural treatment to relieve the pain of arthritis. Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder in 1 tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast. Do it every day for 1 month. You'd be able to feel the results in the first week 1.

7. Relieve pain by reducing stress

If you feel sick and grew tense, then you will feel more pain. Those who can control everything in life are also better able to control pain than those who did not. Research shows the importance of psychological attitudes in relieving pain due to arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, you should be able to learn to understand it. Do not force yourself to do all things when you do not feel pain. This will make you exhausted and in pain the next day. Do a little every day, either when experiencing pain or not.

Learn to relax. If you focus on the pain, it will feel more pain. But, if you're busy with other things that are important to you, you will not be too much feel the pain.

8. Bathing in the pool

Studies have shown, floating on the pond, especially in ponds that have been specially designed with a temperature that has been adjusted to ease the pain of arthritis. With bath, stress will be reduced, and then the pain will also be reduced. When floating, the body will relax, the muscles relax too, and this will stimulate to release of endorphins, natural painkillers your body. The temperature is adjusted to the skin temperature will also make you completely relaxed.

9. Prevent stiff in the morning

Almost 90% of patients with arthritis feel stiff in the morning. To avoid this, apply the ointment at night before bed. This will make you relax and strengthen you mentally. Arthritis sufferers generally feel better all day if they feel stiff when you wake up in the morning.

10. Stretch gently

Stretching works to strengthen and improve mobility. A sport sometimes is a dilemma when confronted with rheumatoid arthritis. Moving sick, but did not move at all also won’t be good. Improper movement could endanger, but the proper motion can heal.

Try doing yoga. Yoga is usually taught with a range of joint movement right so that it can bring the wrong joint return to normal position when the muscles stretched and strengthened, but do not forget, intelligence is the key to yoga's health returns. But, make sure you do so in accordance with the limits of your illness.

11. Regular exercise

Regular exercise is very important to reduce pain, improve mobility. But it must be considered to not provide excessive burden on the affected part (must be in accordance with the ability of each person).

Exercise can increase metabolic rate to produce synovial fluid, which can take free radicals. Exercise is also function as antioxidants when done regularly.
With exercise, the body also produces cortisone which can neutralize the calcium deposits. This is better than cortisone drugs can sometimes dissolve the bone.
Doctors used to tell the patient should not exercise. However, recent research shows that exercise can even relieve pain, joints more flexible, freer movement, improve blood circulation, and improve mobility.

95% of people with arthritis exercise to get the benefits. Learn to breathe deeply
and sunbathe to get enough vitamin D for bone health. (Research in Oslo Norway showed that more severe arthritis sufferers in snowing season).

12. Detoxification
Detox can really reduce the pain, especially; detox can also lose weight for obesity. With detoxification for 5 days or more, there will be the effect of reducing inflammation.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Curing Thrush by Natural Ways

Thrush (apthosa stomatitis) is an inflammation that occurs in the mucosa of mouth, it is usually a yellowish-white spots with a slightly concave surface. Thrush usually attacked the inner cheek mucosa, the inner lips, tongue, gums and the mouth cavity. Thrush is a type of disease caused by fungus in the mouth and throat tract.

Resveratol is a natural substance found in red wine. In laboratory experiments proved that active resveratol against herpes simplex virus. A study from the Northeastern Ohio University proved that the way of resveratol ointments 2, 3, or 5 times a day is effective to minimize ulcers when used in the development of 1 or 6 hours after the occurrence of herpes virus infection.

Reishi and Astragalus
Reishi or which is also known as Ganoderma lucidum is a type of fungus that has long been used in Asian traditional medicine systems to strengthen the immune system. The results of studies also indicate that reishi may inhibit the spread of the herpes virus. It is commonly used in dose of 600 milligrams once or 2 times a day.

In medical systems of China, reishi is often used in conjunction with the herb known as Astragalus. Herbs one could also prove to enhance the immune system of patients infected with herpes simplex keratitis.

Lysine is an essential amino acid. You can only get it through food or supplements because our body can not produce it. This single amino acid is used to make proteins that we need to generate functional antibodies which fight the infection, enzymes, hormones, and body tissues. Lysine is proven to inhibit the spread of herpes simplex virus.

You can get lysine by increasing consumption of eggs, red meat, fish, cheese, yeast used to make beer, and wheat,. However, in addition to the consumption of lysine, you also must consider the comparison between the lysine with other amino acids in the body known as arginine. Both these amino acids compete to be absorbed in the small intestine. So, the less content of arginine in your diet, the more lysine is absorbed. Limit the amount of arginine helps in reducing the consumption of foods rich in these amino acids such as almonds, chocolate, and nuts.

Peppermint oil
A study from the University of Heidelberg found that peppermint oil can penetrate the skin and can directly against the herpes virus. Peppermint oil has also been proven active against acyclovir-resistant chains of herpes simplex virus. However, peppermint oil can be absorbed through the skin so that only small amounts can be toxic. Therefore, make sure you do not swallow this peppermint oil.

Lemon balm
This balm contains anti-virus. In a study conducted in hospitals and clinics in Germany, was quoted that lemon balm can heal ulcers within 5 days compared with 10 days in the group who did not use this balm. If it is used regularly, this balm can also prevent the re-emergence of thrush.

In traditional or natural medicine, several plants are often mentioned to cure thrush. Name the betel leaf, sage leaf telik, cashew fruit sticks, cucumber fruit, and palm juice.

Betel Leaf
In making the betel plant (Piper betle L) as a medicine of thrush, you can chew one to two leaves until creamed. It is kept for some time in the mouth, and the pulp is removed. Or, rinse it with pure water. the water could be drunk. In a day you may drink it one to two times.

The leaf length measuring from 6 to 17.5 cm and width from 3.5 to 10 cm, it also contains allylrocatechol, cineole, caryophyllene, methane, eugenol, and methyl ether. In fact, it contains vitamin C and alkaloids. Some scientific literature also mentioned, betel leaves contain an enzyme diastase, sugar and tannins. However, young leaves contain diastase, sugar and essential oil more than the old.

Saga Leaf
In expelling the thrush, betel can also be paired with sage leaves (Abrus precatorius.).. Because, according to the experience and research results, sage leaf, too, has the ability like betel leaves. Leaf Saga includes as thrush drug ingredient that can heal quickly and safely.

The usage can be in several ways. It can be the chewed leaves one or two times a day until healed. The number of chewed it sparingly. It can also rinse and boil it with pure water. Then drink the water.

By boiling 2 ounces of sage leaves in 2 l of water until the water in half remaining. The boiled water is used to rinse the mouth and to be drunk. It was bitter at first, but then it turned into a kind of sweet cinnamon taste. This herb can also added by a piece of cinnamon for good taste.

This ivy leaf with seeds of red beans, black spots contains abruslactone A., methyl abrusgenate, and abrusgenic acid.

Meanwhile, other written evidence that the leaves mentioned in the WHO which declared in the priority list as the most used medicinal plant in the world contains glycyrrhizin, which is no less than 15%. Less clear, whether this soft organic acids are able to resist thrush or other compounds. To be sure, people have used similar this leaves acid for a long time and proved to be expelled "boils" in the mouth a little.

Although not as popular as betel and saga, cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.), which is sometimes referred to as the cashew fruit resembling a monkey's head, it is also quite effective thrush cure. But it is not the fruit which is used, but the stem of ripe fruit.

Fruit stalk, which is sometimes called artificial fruit, swelled like a pear or guava juice because it contains water in large quantities. Be careful, do not elect the young. Artificial fruit contains a lot of young sap who can make the skin inflamed.

In contrast, quasi-cashew fruit which are ripe contains vitamin C in large amount, it could reach 180 mg/100 g. Vitamin C is dense this astringen (shrink) wound thrush, which is sometimes used to speed up healing thrush.

How to use it is to eat like a normal fruit. Or, it could also the way people used to the tempo of Ternate, the feelings rinse with water. However, you should not be drunk, because the sour taste and its vitamin C can make an intense heartburn if the stomach can not stand.

Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus L.) secretly can also cure thrush. By eating it every day in considerable amount, the fruit undoubtedly chills in the oral cavity and able to reduce "heat" of thrush.

Thrush sufferers eventually complete recovery after each day to eat nine fruits of cucumber for several months while doing a strict diet of milk, eggs, and wine.

Unfortunately, compounds that contain a very juicy fruit, especially those capable of kicking the thrush, is not known due to the scarcity of research conducted.

Sugar Palm Sap
Meanwhile, sugar palm sap (Arenga pinnata Merr.) turns out according to the empirical data could cure thrush. K. Heyne Harloff quoted in het Geneeskundig Tijdschr page 385 declares that palm juice can treat thrush with the amazing results.

Therefore, patients must drink three glasses of it every day until cured. Again, the compounds which help thrush cure had not been revealed. To be sure, the fluid obtained from the male flower bunches palm tree after sliced and given physical treatment contains high sugar levels, so not good for diabetics.

There are many more plants have mentioned for curing thrush. However, research in that direction seems still is not attractive to many researchers. It appears from the very scarcity of research results that can be used as reference.

For a while, there's no harm in trying the plants on the anti thrush. During the usage restrictions noted, a bad influence for someone who at the same time thrush disease can be eliminated.