Thursday, November 18, 2010


  Hey bloggers,

   I think it is so cool when kids have their own identity. To recognize this at such a young age is very unique. Most of the time kids rely on their parents to dress them /pick things out for them. Kids also fall into the loop of being like other kids and looking like other kids. They are taught that this is how it's suppose to be.
     Using young Willow Smith for example, this 10 year old child has already created a style of her own. She KNOWS what she likes and she is able to express herself through her hair, fashion and music. The average parent or adult may look at her and criticize how her parents are raising her I personally don't see anything wrong with it (one reason may be because of the industry she's in). Her attitude is so carefree. I also think know she has opened the door for a lot of young girls to remain natural or transition back and feel good about it. It seems like going natural is becoming an epidemic; and one that I am not mad at. It's healthier for your hair, it's what God gave us, and you have unlimited options.
 Send pics of your kids or a child you know so we can give them some recognition.