Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There are many types of combs out there on the market. Although I will not list all of them, I'll list the basic ones we see and use on a daily basis.  Although you may say to yourself  "Why do I need more than one comb? A comb is a comb, all I need is one", this is so not true.  These combs are made differently for a reason.


  • Wide tooth combs: This is generally used for detangling.

  •  Rat tail combs or fine tooth tail comb: This type of comb is mainly for styling and parting hair.

  • Picks comb: This type of comb is used for  lifting the hair away from the head, it is also used to add volume.

  • Regular styling combs: This type is used for styling and smoothing.

  • Fine and wide tooth comb (regular comb): This type of comb is divided in two parts and one part have a close and the other a wide tooth. This type of comb is used regularly. 

  • Teasing combs: This type of comb is used in teasing hair.

Combs Tips
  • Always rinse comb with hot water after each use. 
  • Don’t use a close teeth comb on wet hair to avoid breakages, instead use a wide tooth comb.
  • Use combs with smooth ends not sharp and/or broken teeth to avoid hurting your scalp.
  • Buy strong, sturdy combs not weak ones...even if it costs more it's worth it. 
  • All combs style differently so use the perfect comb for your style.
Chan, PJ-1

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