Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tips to Overcome Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs in the anus where the anus has swollen edge and sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoid disease does not only give pain to the sufferer, but also provide a sense of inferior and ashamed of hemorrhoid disease.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in the blood is there is blood which come out of the anus when defecate. If you are in severe condition there something that sticks out and it continues to grow for a tennis ball, thus the hemorrhoid must be removed trough operation.

There are two kinds of hemorrhoids or piles, namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. If it is internal hemorrhoids, there are blood vessels in the anus covered with moist mucous membranes. If it is not treated well, it can be seen protruding appears as external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the muscles that are generally associated with the skin. These hemorrhoids are usually visible bluish swollen bumps on the edge of the anus which feels pain and itching.

The hemorrhoid sufferers are generally difficult to sit and defecate due to their pain when the edge of anus or sphinchter of anus gets pressure. Severe hemorrhoid sufferers are sometimes difficult to be treated, so that action should be a surgical removal of hemorrhoids, which can give side effects which are sometimes not good. Therefore, hemorrhoids need to be looked out for and handled properly so it can be easily treated.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by the following things below that should be watched out for and avoided:
1. Too much sitting
2. Chronic diarrhea
3. Pregnancy due to hormonal changes
4. Descendants of hemorrhoid sufferers
5. Sex is not common
6. Constipation
7. The emphasis of return venous blood flow, etc.

To eliminate hemorrhoids completely should you run some tips to cure hemorrhoids and consult with your doctor.

Run a healthy lifestyle
Regular exercise. Sports selected should give lighter burden on the stomach and rectum, such as swimming. Types of sports like volleyball, basketball, especially weightlifting should be avoided.
Fibrous foods which good for excrement (faeces), such as: fruits and vegetables.
Avoid too much sitting or hanging out in the loo / toilet
Do not smoke, drink alcohol, drugs, etc. so that the dirt is not hard.
While working, after sitting 3 - 4 hours you should rest up while walking.
Do not make sexual activity which is not reasonable
Drink a sufficient amount, at least 1.5 liters a day.
Do not get hold urinating and do not force yourself too much to defecate.
Do not like rubbing and scratching anal excessively
Do not push excessively while defecating
Try a warm bath to reduce pain and maintain the cleanliness of the anus for about 15 minutes, at least 2-3 times a day.
Use the antihemoroid medicine recommended by physician

Hopefully, with this kind of life pattern, selected hemorrhoid treatment can give good results for ever.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Importance of Ayurvedic

Wherever we are on this earth at this moment, we can see and feel how bad the impact of modern life is damaging the natural environment and our lives. As modern humans we also have an understanding that the quality of our health is affected by the negative impacts, such as air pollution, water, food and lifestyle is not healthy.

In the search for balance of life discourse, there is the health contribution to the balance of the mind. Apparently this has very important role. People in unhealthy physical conditions usually think negatively too much, feel distracted, be reluctant or lazy to do anything due to their conditions.

Ayurveda is a holistic lifestyle system that teaches the practical details of the arrangement of food, body work, rest periods, and work, which aims to achieve balance of body, mind, and soul.

Thus, Ayurveda is not just medicine but a healthy lifestyle. The basic principle of ayurveda is to prevent diseases by balancing body, mind, soul and environment.

Ayurvedic health concept has been covering the entire system of human life that makes ayurveda as a system of treatment and comprehensive health care in the world. Many medications commonly used by us today come from plants. According to various sources, at least one of the basic ingredients of plant material forms part of several prescription drugs available in the world.

Specifically, ayurveda uses plants to fix the imbalance that occurs in the human body before they become disease. By combining several kinds of plants or herbs to get benefit of the drug or therapeutic value, it is commonly known as herbal medicine, Ayurveda has been proven capable of overcoming various health problems that occurred in the human body.

Humans have been known ayurvedic herbal medicine based on health since ancient times. Early primitive men discovered many things which not only provide remedy, but also food, shelter and clothing.

Ayurveda is a health science concept or recorded in the "veda", the book of the world's oldest literature. Ayurveda is the science of life that has been applied since 1000 BC by the rishi (wise man, sage) India to maintain health. In Sanskrit, “Ayur” means life and the “Veda” means knowledge, so that "ayurvedic" literally means Science of Life.

Ayurvedic principles, or power of life or dosha is divided into three; pitta, kapha, and vata. Dosha is in the material universe, including humans. The term dosha indicates the human body's metabolic type and the type of mind-body (the mind and body). In ayurvedic medicine, the determination of the type of dosha is the most important stage. To determine the type of person, ayurvedic practitioners typically conduct observations and provide a few questions, then just do the stages of therapy.

Kapha, pitta and vata are in every human being with a different level. Usually people have one dominant dosha and one accompanist dosha. Differences combination makes every individual dosha has a personality and a different health.

Dosha imbalance is the first sign that the mind and body is not perfectly coordinated. When disturbed dosha balance, the body will become vulnerable to pressure from outside, such as viruses, bacteria, pollution, and stress. Therefore, ayurvedic treatment focused on methods to balance dosha.

Today, ayurveda has been widely used in modern medicine systems. This was triggered by a number of research-conducted scientific research and has proved how effective the role of plants or herbs on human health.

Probably, ayurveda is the only science where blood cancers or leukemia are cured, without side effects. Pediatric leukemia is recovering amazingly faster, often few weeks time for perfect control. Advanced nations are spending billions of dollars in research for a cure. However, recurrence of most types of cancers is a general phenomenon. Scientists can research how ayurvedic acts selectively, inducing cell death in only the malignant cells and not affecting neighboring healthy cells.

According to the World Health Organization, almost 80 percent of the world's population, or 4 billion people now use some aspects of herbal medicine in their health care process. Common elements in the American Indian medicine are traditional oriental medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine herbs.

Nowadays, most commercial drugs using substances derived from plants for the treatment of high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, pain, and other problems,. Ephedrine is used to treat the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems. It is the active ingredient in ephedrine, a traditional Chinese herb.

The foxglove plant is another example pointing to the use of modern medicine herbal extraction. The leaf of this plant is powdered digitalis to stimulate the heart and provide assistance to a large number of heart patients.

Some of the herbs used in ayurveda successful in reducing diabetes and cholesterol. In recent years, there is growth in the use of herbal medicines because of the success stories which replaced Prozac for treating mild depression. In the United States, the popularity of Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba increases due to the healing effect.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caring for Healthy Lips

All the women would like to have soft and beautiful lips. Stop peeling off lip skin. In addition to pain, the activities will cause mouth infections.

Lip is an important part of body, it would be better if we take care of it regularly. However, every day, our lips will be always used when we're talking.

Here are the tips:

1. Always apply a natural lip balm to protect lips. If you want a natural way, try it with regularly rubbing honey on lips before you sleep at night. If your lips have returned to be "healthy", should still do it, at least to prevent your pain on lips recurring.

2. Soak a black tea bag in warm water and tap it on the lips for three minutes. This will increase the skin moisture level in your mouth.

3. To make the lips relax, make a natural mask with thick papaya juice. Put on a soft towel and gently rub around the lips. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes, wash and apply lip balm. Papaya contains enzymes that the function and can help to peeled off dead skin on the lips and makes it smooth.

4. Apply a light massage on the lips with a special cream and apply a little lip on the lips at night to protect naturally.

5. When your lips hurt, take a cotton bud and apply ointment containing hydrocortisone cream to heal the wounds. In the morning and afternoon when you do activities, apply petroleum jelly, such as lip balm, to keep the humidity level lip.

6. Do not forget to always apply a lip balm before applying lipstick.

7. Clean lipstick before you go to bed with special lips cleaning and do not forget to apply a moisturizing lip as protection.

8. Dispose of lipstick, lip balm or any products related to your lips when they are over the age of one and a half years. If they have already expired, certainly the will make your lips irritated.

9. Always try to keep clean when cleaning lipstick, it means use special lip cleaners to clean the lipstick, because who knows something left which can make pigment skin irritated.

Benefits of each Vegetables

Here are some types of vegetables that are often consumed, completed with the nutrients and benefits contained in these vegetables.

1. Cucumber or cucumber
Cucumber has water content up to 90 percent, so the effect may help flush the bacteria along the intestine and the bladder wall. Diuretic properties also help to relieve water retention. Content of water can help eliminate toxins and uric acid through the kidneys. Therefore, cucumber is very good to be consumed for rheumatic.

Cucumber used as a slimming diet is perfect, because it gives the effect of full. In addition, Cucumber is rich of calories, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium, potassium, manganese and sulfur.

Mixture of water and cucumber juice can reduce fever and cool the skin. In addition, it is great to be consumed by people with high blood pressure. It can be eaten raw or boiled for a minute until the water content grows. If you want to eat raw, preferably both the end of the cucumber cut first, and then rub it circled until the sap out. Thus, when there is no longer bitter taste.

Do not dispose of cucumber seed. Should be consumed entirely, because in the seed contains alkaloids that can help cure worms diseases, especially in children.

2. Cabbage
Cabbage generally has two kinds, namely the red and the whitish green. Used as chicken soup mixture. It contains vitamin C, potassium and folic acid.
Potassium contained is useful in helping regulate the body's water balance. Many people do not like the smell of raw cabbage. But if you can bear eating it raw or as juice, it is very good to help curing a sore throat and canker sores. It should not be consumed excessively, because it can cause flatulence.

3. Basil
These vegetables have small leaves with a very distinctive fragrance. In the some communities, basil leaves used as one ingredient to add palatability of processed fish.
Basil vegetables can also reduce the diarrhea and vomiting and to help healing ulcers and eliminate bad breath or mouth. Basil is rich in asiri oil content, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and sulfur. In traditional medicine it is said, the fragrance of basil can eliminate body odor. It also has a calming effect and removes the gas from the stomach. Therefore, it is good to be consumed when having difficulty of sleep.

4. Lettuce / Salad
this vegetable came from West Asia, and then spread throughout the world. Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States, and the Netherlands is a country that gives more attention to the cultivation of lettuce. Commonly eaten in raw form and made as a salad. These vegetables can help to reduce the risk of cancer, cataracts, and stroke, relieve insomnia and reduce anemia.

5. Squash
Squash is usually used when cooking the sour vegetable and normally mixed with coconut milk in the process. If you want to take it raw, boil or steam for a while. It is rich of water content, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Squash is useful to help the healing process of bleed gums. Grated squash according to your taste, then give two teaspoons of boiled water and one tablespoon of honey. Drink three times a day. Eat it to heal ulcers, as a side dish after eating steamed or boiled. If you like to eat raw squash. The sap of squash can be used to remove the black line on the heel. Applied at the part, allow it to dry after washing heels.

Soybeans for Kidney Problem

Eating foods with low protein is strongly recommended to be consumed by people with kidney disease. Phosphorus found in many proteins, so protein intake of the recommended amount of about 50 grams per day can help limit the amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus is a mineral substance that can aggravate kidney. Besides protein, which needs to be maintained is also cholesterol, do low-cholesterol diet.

Soy protein does not adversely affect the kidneys. Soy protein is not the same with animal protein; hence the food made of soybean plays a role in healing kidney disease. Nutritionists recommend more consumption of soy foods. Research has shown that there is no provision of any damage or harm of soy protein for kidney disease, but it still needs more in-depth study of the relation between soy protein and kidney. Soy protein helps lower cholesterol levels.

People with diabetes are also at high risk for kidney disease. Often occurs in people with kidney diseases, they need to reduce your intake of protein because of high protein intake can aggravate kidney work. Adding soy protein intake and reduce animal protein are proved, in some cases, very helpful in improving the patient's kidneys work.

Kidneys are a set of mini filters works filtering the blood of the chemicals that are not needed, and removed it through urine.

Protein diet affects the healthy kidneys and diseased kidneys. In healthy kidneys, high protein causes the kidneys filter the blood more rapidly; it indicates that the kidneys work harder. And the people who have symptoms of kidney disease, in the long term, this can damage the kidneys.

Kidney is a part of our body that has a very important task. If our kidney has problems, it must be disturb our lives. But soy is a plant which has high levels of nutrients, it is said to cure kidney pain. Here are simple tips to consume soy as a medicine kidney problem:

• Soybean
• 4 cups of water

How to Make:
Take 3 tablespoons soy beans, and boil it with four cups of water to boil. Keep the cooking water reduced to approximately one-fourth of it or a glass.

How to use:
Drink every morning after waking up, before the water is cold.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Heal Eczema in Natural Ways

Eczema is a kind of itching disease and usually found between the toes and hands, it may also be at the corners of the lips. If you have this illness and have tried modern treatment but it is not healed yet, you can try to choose one of these naturall ways below;

Way 1

Prepare the leaves and ylang flowers, coconut oil, an onion. Crush ylang leaves and flowers until smooth. Then mix into homemade coconut oil and red onion that have been in thin slices.

Put all the ingredients into a small saucepan, and then heat them. Once it becomes hot, lift and set aside briefly. After becoming lukewarm, apply it on the affected part with cotton. Do it every night before bed.

Way 2

Prepare the blood of goats that are still fresh. Rub your feet or the affected part to the goat blood. Take a few moments, until the liquid thickens. Then wash your feet with warm water to clean it.

Goat's blood can cure skin diseases, especially eczema, eczema is a disease that is difficult to treat and the treatment will require significant costs. Hopefully with this easier and cheaper traditional way, eczema can be cured.

Way 3

Take five pieces of turmeric as big as the index finger, one tablespoon of the whiting, and 1 orange juice, mashed into a single material. Apply the mixture on the affected part, done over and over until healed.