Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hey all,
So do you want the good or bad news first? LOL

Ok, here's the bad. So, I gave myself a henna treatment for the 4th or 5th time yesterday. Now prior to purchasing henna I'd read up on henna via websites and blogs that one of the effects it has is that henna will loosen your curl. Well yesterday did it for me! After letting the henna sit in my hair overnight, I washed my hair out and noticed I barely had any curls left. I was upset to say the least.......Now I did notice a looser pattern the 3rd or 4th time after treating my hair but it was nothing to talk about. I've literally lost about 70% of my curls. I'm not sure what's in this stuff but I'm staying away for a while. I've been giving myself henna treatments about every 2-3 weeks now. Although I am satisfied with how soft, heavy, and healthy my hair feels, I'm so not with the side effect of loosening my curls to this extreme. My hair looks like I put a texturizer in it....Ugh! So, based on my experience, if you don't want this to happen to you I would either:
A) Not treat as often and/or
B) Only leave in for a few hours

Now on to the good....My new found conditioner....TRADER JOE'S HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!! This conditioner is the bomb for many reasons:
1) It's all natural
2) It has a nice slip (the consistency)
3) It detangles my hair
4) It smells good
5) It's $2.99
6) It's 2.99
7)It's $2.99 :-)
Enriched with Organic Botanicals. Balanced Hair Remoisturizer Ideal for Replenishing Dry, Brittle Hair. Adds Moisture and Manageability. Cruelty Free (Never Tested on Animals) - No Animal Products in Ingredients. Does Not Contain Harmful Laurel/Laureth Sulfates, Found in Most Personal Care Product Shampoos, Gels, Conditioners and Body Washes.

Where are you getting all of that for $2.99

The pics I'm posting are the results of my henna treatment  and the conditioner. I set my hair with coconut oil and a little Isoplus lock and twist creme for natural hair....(They are on the dark side but hopefully you can still see it.)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Definitions of afros:

Afros have been around for decades. Back in the day, afros came with instructions. It seemed like you had to do so much to get them perfect. Depending on your hair type, some would have to pick them out and stand in the shower so the steam can 'form' it...some can simply just pick them into place....others had to braid the hair first to set it then unbraided and comb...the list goes on and one...The biggest thing that stood out that I heard my family talk about was THE BIGGER THE BETTER. If you had the biggest afro, you were the man (or girl)
The thing I love about the modern day afros  is there are NO instructions....It is what it is...It does not have to be perfect....You can wake up, shake your head and go....wash and go, untwist and go, finger comb and go, ect....It seems like the objective is for you hair to look a mess. The messier the better....Actually, picking/ combing/manipulating the hair messes the look up, which is the complete opposite from back in the day. It doesn't matter how big or small, afros are on fire right now.


afros hair style

afros hair style

afros hair style

afros hair style

afros hair style
afros hair style



Monday, February 21, 2011


Just wanted to do a quick post on the 'banding' method.
If your hair is natural you have definitely experienced hair shrinkage when washing or wearing natural styles. The tighter your curl is, the more shrinkage you'll hair, the looser your curl/wave, the less shrinkage you'll have.  My hair for example is between a 4a/4b (although I do not follow this chart). The difference in my hair length when wet vs dried and straightened is about 6 inches....big difference.
Instead of manipulating your hair all the time by blow drying and/or straightening, here is a method you can try to obtain some length and cut down on shrinkage....Banding.

Complete the following steps for banding:
- shampoo & conditon hair (or cowash)
- apply your choice of leave in conditioner
- section hair off into 2 sections (4 if your hair is thick or short)
- apply mositurizer of your choice from root to ends
- section off a section of the section you're working on first
- smooth the section out as best as you can and apply and ouchless ponytail holder to the root of your hair ** DO NOT USE REGULAR RUBBERBANDS ON YOUR HAIR**
- continue applying the ponytail holders down to the ends of you hair
(if your hair is thick, you may want to do smaller sections. If you hair is short, you may want to also do smaller sections. Use your judgement)
- Repeat last 2 steps until your whole head is done
- air dry  and style

This method is simply stretching your hair while wet....Just another way to cut down on heat and to keep hair a little healthier.  It can also be done on dry hair as well. Enjoy.