Friday, August 15, 2008

Simply Not Pimply

When freedom is the talk of the day, why not free yourself of the ugly spots on your face that are taking your sleep away? You need not rub fancy cosmetic or medicated creams into your face 20 times a day! Just a few breaths can do the trick...

I'm really upset with the pimples on my face.All my friends have such clear skin... When I look at them, I feel so inferior that I want to avoid their company. Please help me with simple exercises and tips to get rid of pimples.
    — Geeta Joshi
From my teachers to my parents, all have their own reasons for my acne outbreak. I'm tired of explaining that there's nothing amiss. Thanks for clarifying in your last issue that it's normal for teenagers to have pimples. Please suggest some exercises to get rid of them too!
    — Jeetu Khanna

"Clear skin is all I want!"Well, that really seems to be the all-consuming desire of most of our readers who have written in. For them, looking good is about feeling good.
Acne shouldn't be a factor that prevents people from socialising or hampers their self-belief. Pimples can be easily cured. All one needs to keep in mind is that it may take time.With some people, it may take up to six or eight weeks to get rid of acne marks. Also treatment may not be applicable to all. Skin type also matters, so just because one facial massage worked wonders for your friend, don't blindly land up at a salon to get it done too! One of the best ways to fight acne is to rid your body of toxins and impurities. Having practised exercises to fight constipation (as we suggested in the last issue), add these simple exercises to your regimen and practise the whole set at least once a day to cleanse your system. Nothing works better than detox to make your skin pimple-free. While cosmetic treatments may remove the external marks, there's no guarantee that there wont be another acne outbreak, for the system hasn't been totally cleansed. So, breathe easy and smile!
Acne outbreak often affects a person's social life and there have been cases where a person completely withdraws from social activity. Never resort to that! One of the best ways to get your mind off facial marks is to laugh out loud everday. This can be done after a brisk morning walk for 15 minutes. It will not only make you feel good but also provide your body with fresh air and rid your system of impurities. FIGHT PIMPLES AT HOME
• Avoid using cosmetic soaps or face washes. Clean your skin with besanor attaat least once a day.

• Try and use a medicated herbal cleansing soap, preferably one with neem, to wash your face.

• Always pat dry your face, rather than wiping it roughly
with a towel or tissue.

• Never try and squeeze your pimples! It may just leave a permanent mark. Also avoid nail contact with acne, as the impurities in your nails may increase inflammation.

• Wash your face with water at least three times a day.

1 Kapalbhati Kriya
Sit in sukhasanaor padmasana, your neck straight. Place both hands on the knees in gyan mudra, eyes gently closed. Exhale forcefully through both nostrils,
as you pull your stomach in. Repeat this 40–50 times till you are tired. Keep your body still during the kriya. Then breathe out completely and relax. Increase the process gradually to 80–100 times.
Benefits: Eliminates all toxins from air passages, cleansing body and mind; combats asthma and also massages the abdominal muscles and organs
Caution: If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or hernia, exhale slowly.

2 Sheetkari Pranayama
Sit in a comfortable position, like sukhasanaor padmasana. Place both your hands on the knees in gyan mudra, eyes gently closed. Roll your tongue inside your mouth and keep your jaws
closed. Now inhale with your mouth to your lungs' capacity. As you inhale, make a sound. Exhale through your nose. Repeat the process 20–30 times.
Benefits: One of the best and easiest ways to purify blood; very helpful in fighting gum problems and bad breath; doesn't let one feel too thirsty

3 Kaki Mudra
Sit in sukhasanaor padmasana. Raise your hands to the nose level. Inhale to your lungs' capacity through your mouth. Close your mouth. Now join your fingertips and close your nostrils with your thumbs. Hold your breath for as long as you can with your cheeks bulging out. Exhale through the mouth. Repeat 3–5 times.
Benefits: Usually associated with longevity; excellent for fighting stress-related disorders; stimulates digestive organs and rids the body of impurities; helps fight low blood pressure

4 Bhastrika Pranayama
Sit in a comfortable position like padmasana or sukhasana, with your back straight and eyes closed. Form the gyan mudra and
place your hands on your knees. Exhale to max capacity through both nostrils, then inhale through both with force. Repeat this continuously till you feel tired. Start slowly, and speed up gradually. Maintain a rhythmic pattern; inhalation time should equal exhalation time. When you breathe in, your lungs should expand—not your belly. Repeat according to your capacity, 30–40 times.
Benefits: Supplies maximum pran vayuto the body; removes impurities and purifies blood


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