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...say the Deols, as they share their diet and fitness regime with BT. 


On the six-pack phenomenon
Unfortunately today, having a six-pack has become everyone's idea of being fit. It's basic human nature to be liked and admired, everyone wants to look good! What one must remember is that a sixpack may look good, but it
doesn't necessarily mean that a person is healthy. I truly believe that a healthy soul is the way to a healthy body — it helps you in all other aspects of your life. I've been health-conscious even before I entered the Hindi film industry — I was a good athlete as a student and that helped me immensely. Keeping yourself healthy helps as you age. If you look after yourself from the start, you'll only have yourself to thank later. 

On his workout regime Back in my days we didn't have gyms to go to or trainers to train us. We did a few basic exercises and kept fit by indulging in sports like kabbadi, hockey and relays. Today, I make sure I'm active by going for regular walks and also do an hour of pranayam daily. Initially, I used to find it boring, but now I'm addicted to it. Pranayam opens your mind and gets rid of so many ailments — it's helped me a great deal and I recommend it to everyone. 

On his diet We eat mostly vegetarian fare at home, it's easier to digest. Nonvegetarian food is cooked only every other fortnight. I relish simple, home-cooked food. 

On his happiness quotient Getting together with friends, joking and laughing together is what makes me really happy. It helps me unwind and is a great way to spend evenings. We avoid boring and negative subjects or gossiping and backbiting. My mantra in life is to stay positive — it shows on your face. If you appreciate the good things in life, you'll be a happier person. 

Sunny Deol On the six pack phenomena The six-pack phenomena has suddenly gained momentum. However, I feel most people train themselves to a point, develop their physique and then forget about it. They take their workout routine to an
extreme level and then totally give up. I find a lot of people using shortcut methods and taking supplements to achieve the body they desire. For me, what's more important is maintaining good overall health, and enjoying your workout routine. Keeping fit today has become a global fad, which is quite positive. I think yoga is the best form of exercise and meditation; however, it has become too commercial. If you enjoy a jog or walk or any kind of sport, you should do it. Good health makes you feel positive and helps you take on the world.

On his workout routine I have recently developed a back problem due to which I had to be operated a couple of times, so my routine has slowed down a bit. I usually workout for a couple of hours in the gym. I do cardio and weights — both freehand and cable. I try to enjoy my workout rather than drive myself to the point of torture. I also love to play games and was in the athletics and other game teams in school. I love playing football, squash, badminton, table tennis and even swimming. I can pick up any sport really fast. 

On his diet While working out, you anyway tend to burn a good number of calories and I also avoid junk food. I am mostly vegetarian. I'm not very rigid about my diet and do
indulge myself once in a while. I mostly prefer eating home-cooked food. 

My idea of relaxation For me, there is no better way to unwind than by playing sports. I also like to relax by spending time with my kids.

THE ORIGINAL HE-MAN: Dharmendra looking fit as ever

MUSCLE MAN: Sunny Deol during one of his training sessions in the gym 
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  2. Sunny deol sir
    I am one of your biggest fan of your physique
    Even I workout at gym
    But don't take any supplements and I don't eat non vegetarian food

    I am slowly seeing the results of my workout

  3. Sunny deol sir
    I am one of your biggest fan of your physique
    Even I workout at gym
    But don't take any supplements and I don't eat non vegetarian food

    I am slowly seeing the results of my workout